Our Restaurant

Our Restaurant

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The Hotel restaurant is located on the ground floor of the hotel, and its origins date back to the 17th century, located next to Saint Peter's Square next to the ruins. The construction is made of stone that until today maintains its authentic style, restored and preserved. In addition to our main dining room that has a capacity of 60 people, we have the cellar dining room in our cellar where you can taste our extensive list of local wines.

The two dining rooms has totally different environments, each one offers an environment according to the client's requirement.

In our restaurant we work exclusively with local products. We are surrounded by fields of wheat, vine, olive, vegetable, vegetable and fruit; a land of good farmers and suppliers; Thus we ensure the highest quality of our pantry and our dishes.

In the kitchen of the Palacio de Pujadas you will find many years of experience, continuous improvement and openness to all new techniques that provide added value, creating an innovative and avant-garde gastronomy rooted in the tradition and good customs of our land.

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